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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


Test Your Sunday Schools

Curriculum's Effectiveness

Our curriculum is different.  We have taken away all the bits and pieces and focus on the basics of Christianity. Is our curriculum right for you? Take the following test:

Do your students know: 

God created our world and everything in it. 

Jesus is the son of God.

Jesus is perfect. 

Jesus died on the cross for their sins. 

Jesus wants to have a relationship with them. 

Sin gets in the way of a relationship with God. 

We ask for forgiveness to further our relationship with God. 

Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. 

The greatest commandment is to love God, the second is to love others as yourself

God gives each of us the opportunity and the responsibility to tell others about Jesus. 

Prayer is a conversation with God. 

Faith is believing in what we cannot see. 

We go to church to be with other followers of Jesus, to worship and learn about God. 

The Bible is the infallible word of God.

You can only receive Salvation through the work of Jesus Christ through his death on the cross and resurrection.  Being good person is not the way to get to heaven. 

Jesus wants to give you salvation and have an eternal relationship with you. 

You can receive the gift of salvation by asking Jesus into your life. 

These concepts are the tenants of the Christian faith.

They are so important to the spiritual development of children that we devote our entire curriculum to this knowledge.

This is what sets us apart from other programs.

We believe the basic knowledge of Christianity is critical to the spiritual growth of children. With this foundation, they will be able to understand the various nuances and details of the Bible and their faith as a whole.

Without this knowledge they will struggle to put the pieces of their faith together; abstract trivia and stories make no sense without these previous building blocks of knowledge.  

In one year we teach the basic Christian concepts of: Creation, Jesus, Faith, Salvation, Prayer, Sin and Forgiveness, The Bible, Church, Love One Another, Tell Others about Jesus, Christmas, and Easter.

Just one year of covering these core subjects will enhance any current or future program. Your students will be more grounded in their faith, understand their role in the world, and most importantly, will comprehend that God wants a relationship with them through the salvation of Jesus Christ.

For a printable version of this test click here.