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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


The Lost Coin

Jesus told this story.

Once there was a woman who had lost a coin. She immediately lit a lamp and began to look for it. She searched and searched for the coin. She looked under the furniture and behind the bed. She looked in the cupboards and then swept her whole house looking for the coin.

Finally, she found it. She was so happy she rushed out to tell all of her friends and family, “Rejoice with me for I have found my lost coin!” Everyone is so happy that the coin had been found.

Jesus told this story to teach us about his salvation. We are all like the lost coin, but Jesus searches for us. He comes after us to receive his salvation so that we can be with him in heaven someday. He does this because he loves us.

There’s one more part of this story that is important. When the woman finds the coin, everyone is happy and rejoices. When we are found and become saved, there is rejoicing in heaven! Whenever a sinner repents and asks for salvation, all the angels in heaven sing for joy! What a wonderful day indeed!

Follow up Questions

  • What was the woman searching for?

  • What happened when she found the coin?

  • What does this story teach us?