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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


Ages 6-9    

KidsFaith Curriculum

KidsFaith curriculum provides clear, concise Sunday school instruction that teaches the Core Knowledge of the Christian Faith to Children ages 6-9.

It teaches the twelve key concepts of the Christian faith: Creation, Jesus, Faith, Salvation, Prayer, Church, The Bible, Tell others about Jesus, Love One Another, Sin and Forgiveness, Christmas, and Easter.


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Through the KidsFaith program your students will gain the foundational knowledge they need to understand that God desires a relationship with them, there is salvation through Jesus Christ, they were created by God for a purpose, and are deeply loved. Our focus is to teach Christianity directly and completely.

At the same time, Sunday school should be a fun and exciting experience where children learn about the love of God, not the ‘rules’ of God.

Therefore, our curriculum was created to provide many activity options, including hands on games, stories, and crafts to address the unique gifts and learning styles of children. It creates fun experiences while learning about the truths of God.

In addition, KidsFaith provides opportunities for building God centered relationships between students, teachers, and families, while being flexible enough to accommodate all learners and all teachers.

Finally, KidsFaith curriculum was designed to be purchased one time only. You can keep it forever. You never have to buy further materials or optional activity packs. You will not have to update your curriculum or reorder. You will not need additional take home packs, the take home letters are included. 

 A Typical Sunday Experience with KidsFaith Curriculum:

10 Minutes: Greetings, answer the “Question of the Day 

10 Minutes: Fellowship, verse, and prayer journaling

10 Minutes: Story and discussion questions

25 Minutes: Activity Options:     

  • Hands on puzzles and activities      

  • Games, Drama, Music

  • Arts and Crafts

5 Minutes: Closing/Clean up

KidsFaith Curriculum also provides additional home and classroom resources each month.

Weekly parent pages reinforce the story and connect parents and children.

Supplemental pages provide further options and activities for students and teachers.

Student self assessments demonstrate the student's progress.

Clear and concise learning targets that follow an age appropriate scope and sequence that directs the Sunday experience.

We encourage you to download a lesson sample to discover how you can effectively reach every student for Christ.   


"Lost people matter to God, and so they must matter to us." -Keith Wright