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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


Jr. High and Middle School Resources
Our much awaited Jr. High and Middle school curriculum has just been launched.  It is based on a series of novels about a group of Christian students and their struggles in public Jr. High and on to High School.  The 12 novels, each about 150 pages include small group studies.  The 12 topics are the same as the Early and Primary Foundations curriculum.  Each topic is explored from a different character's experience.  The first novel explores the rights of students to question the theory of evolution in their public school science class.  The name of the series is "The Warrior Chronicles."  To read a chapter form "The Warrior Chronicles: Evolution" click here.

The complete ebook is available in the download area.


More on The Warrior Chronicles from the author:

“What if it is not just a theory?”

I heard these words from a seventh grade student my second year in teaching. She came to me in tears because her science teacher, a good friend of mine, had dismissed her religious belief in Creation, and had informed her that Darwin’s theory of evolution not only created her, but proved that God was non-existent.  From those words, The Warrior Chronicles: Evolution was birthed.

Based on the real lives of students, and characters taken from my classes, the Warrior Chronicles tells the story of normal Christian teens bonded together through their youth group battling the 21st century issues that they encounter in and out of their public junior high school.

This first book in the series follows best friends Carly and Jon as they battle the opinions expressed (and enforced) in their science class about Darwin’s theory of evolution. These theories are the same that today’s teens will find in their junior and high school text books, but instead of following the tide of education, Carly and Jon decide to battle evolution with Christian truths and evidence that Creation scientists have discovered.

Through this process they begin to understand that secular society, particularly the public school society, is battling for their souls, and only through truth, perseverance and prayer will they win the war. They begin to understand the myth that is evolution science, and the beauty in creation. They are comforted by new friends and teachers who are entrenched in our public schools and find strength in each other and in God.

This book is not meant to be a study of the differences between creationism and evolution, however it does openly confront the controversy that is present in our public schools and is unapologetic about the blatant bias of textbooks, curriculum, and teachers.

It was designed to empower students with the knowledge that evolution has many holes, and cannot be proven. At the same time, it examines the rights that students of faith have, but often do not exercise, in today’s classrooms: their freedom of speech and their ability to challenge current educational practices without fear of reprisal.

In addition, it explores the issue of religious harassment and bullying as well as more endearing teen matters such as dating and boundaries in friendships.

This book is a deliberate challenge to our educational system. It exposes situations and teachers that work consciously, and sometimes unconsciously, to destroy the faith of Christian youth. Although it is a work of fiction, the events chronicled are based on situations I witnessed as a teacher and university supervisor in the public schools of Washington State. It is my hope that Christian teens will be challenged to stand up with integrity and strength, honesty and a reliance on God, to become a force within the classrooms they attend.

Along with the novel are chapter study questions applicable to youth groups and Sunday school classes.

"No reserves.  No retreats. No regrets." -William Borden