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One Year Foundational Course in Christianity for Home Schooling   

As a home schooling parent you have many responsibilities. The most important is teaching your child the foundations of the Christian faith and leading them to salvation in the grace of Jesus Christ. 

Foundations publishing has produced one year course in Christianity for your home schooling child to fit seamlessly into your weekly lesson schedule. (View Sample Here)

The curriculum covers 13 topics of the Christian faith through Biblical and Modern stories, it provides Bible verses to memorize, activities to reinforce their faith, parent/child discussion questions, and a family prayer journal. 

This curriculum was designed for you to teach and lead your child in the Christian Faith, and reinforce other home schooling skills such as reading comprehension, writing, number and map skills, history and Bible study. It is not a comprehensive subject matter curriculum, but it will compliment the basic skills you are teaching your child weekly.






One Year Foundational Course in Christianity For ages 4-7

This course is found HERE.  It is free, you might need to bind it though!

Another Version is available HERE.

For sample of the curriculum, Click here.

"Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God." -William Carey