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Fellowship Time With Your Students

One important aspect of the KidsFaith Curriculum is to establish the habit of fellowship between believers. As children grow into adults, this habit will blossom and nurture the individual, providing support and guidance throughout their lives. 

In the Sunday school classroom, Fellowship is constant, however creating a specific time and schedule will set a weekly expectation of examining God’s grace, miracles, and truths. 

We recommend that Fellowship time begin with the arrival of the first child into your classroom. 

Sit at a table, or comfortable spots on the floor, and intentionally talk to the student. As other children arrive, invite them into the conversation. Topics to cover are: 

How was your week?

How is your family?

What happened this week that was difficult or disappointing?

What happened this week that was fun and exciting?

Any important news you want to talk about?

How are you feeling to today?

How is your relationship with God going this week?

Let your students guide the conversation and acknowledge each individually.

When most students have arrived, talk about important subjects and prayer requests from last week Fellowship time.

Were any prayer requests or concerns answered? How?

(You may want to record requests and answers in a notebook.)

What are prayer requests from this week?

Any problems or triumphs to report to the group? 

Then pray together with your students. 

Creating this fellowship time will allow each child to have a voice in your classroom.

It will establish a relationship between you and your students, and relationships between children.

It will also allow you an inside look into the lives, concerns, and successes of your children. This, in turn, will create an opportunity to serve your families, reach out to others in need, and report successes to parents or guardians.

Learning to talk among believers, help others in need, celebrate successes, and show love to one another is a primary skill to learn to grow in the Christian faith. Beginning this habit early is essential to success.

Ultimately, this Fellowship time will set an example for each child’s relationship with God, which should be the paramount goal of Christian education.