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Early Foundations Curriculum

Created by preschool teachers for preschool kids!

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Preschool children have specific needs and limitations including shorter attention spans and developing language skills. They love songs, actions, stories, and routines, but require simple, short activities.

Furthermore, educating a preschool child involves ample repetition and review.

Learning expectations must be realistic. For example, focusing on one learning target, one verse, and one new song a month is reasonable.

Teaching children relevant information that they can apply to their lives is also critical.

Therefore, Early Foundations Curriculum was designed specifically to meet the needs of the preschool child providing a foundation of knowledge about Jesus Christ and Christianity through twelve monthly topics.

Each month a new verse is presented, a new song is introduced, and four stories (Biblical and modern parables) are presented that teach the love of God and the grace of Jesus Christ.

A Typical Sunday Experience with Early Foundations Curriculum:

10-15 minutes: Arrival, play time

5 minutes: Clean up, gather for circle time

15 minutes: Circle time

10 minutes: Craft

15 minutes: play time, snack, parent pick up


List of Early Foundations take home books by topic Here.  You can download them by visiting the download page and searching on the name of the take home book.

Early Foundations curriculum was also designed with teachers in mind. The curriculum is easy to use, with little preparation.

Each month you will use a new binder with the verse, song, stories, and activities organized efficiently.  The stories are beautifully illustrated; the crafts are simple but effective, cutting down material preparation time significantly.

Also, the established routine of the program not only comforts the preschool child, but accommodates new teachers and helpers.

In addition, Early Foundations curriculum can be used in multi-age classes beginning at age 2 up to age 8.

Finally, Early Foundations curriculum provides the option of giving each child their own take home book of the story that you read each week. This unique option allows the parents and families of your students an opportunity to read and reinforce the message that you taught on Sunday.

Each take home book is 12-18 pages long, in color, with parent/child discussion questions and the monthly verse printed on the back.

With or without the take home books, Early Foundations curriculum is simple, effective, and empowering; teaching the preschool child the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

To order Early Foundations, start here.

"The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time." -Carl F.H. Henry