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Six reasons why our curriculum works:

 Age Appropriate: We adhere to the psychological make-up and abilities of the child. 

Cyclical: We provide ample repetition, a necessary component of the learning process. 

Relational: We create bonds between teacher and pupil; family and child.

 Truthful: We strictly adhere to the Christian doctrine and worldview.

 Simple: Our instruction manuals are easy to use, teacher preparation time is low. 

Connected: We connect Biblical stories and use modern parables to teach the Christian principles of:

 Faith, Jesus, Salvation,

Creation, Love One Another, Tell Others About Jesus,

Sin/Forgiveness, Prayer, The Bible, The Church,

Christmas, and Easter.


Teach the Faith: We go beyond storytelling to actually teach children how to have a faith in Christ, live out their faith, and share their faith with others.

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"God is not looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow him." -Hudson Taylor