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Classroom Activity Options 

KidsFaith Curriculum provides activity options to reinforce their Sunday message. 

These choices are based on the theory that all children are uniquely created and have different learning styles. Therefore, activity options address logical/mathematical skills using Hands On puzzles and activities, Kinesthetic/auditory skills using drama, games, and music, and spatial skills using arts and crafts. In addition, they address interpersonal and intrapersonal preferences of students. 

There is a benefit to providing weekly activity options to students and teachers.

Children are interested in different activities and have different learning preferences. Providing a choice will enhance their learning and enjoyment. Also, it’s just more fun when you get to choose your activity!

Teachers have various styles and interests. Providing options to teachers enables them to teach effectively and enjoy the process of working with kids. An inspiring teacher is one who is inspired!

Therefore, you can approach the activity options in two ways.

  • You can prepare for all the choices, most are simple and use little or no materials, then let you    students choose the activities individually or as a group.

  • Your teacher can decide which activity to do based on their own interest and abilities.

Either approach is more effective than using rote activities and crafts with little variation or individuality.

Also, you will find that some activities take a long time, are interesting, and creative, while other activities are quick, quiet, yet still effective.

Depending on your students, their moods, and your time restrictions, you can choose which activity best fits your daily needs.

All of our activity options are designed to compliment and reinforce the message of the story, the theme of the month, and the goal of the unit.


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