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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


KidsFaith curriculum believes that using a choice of activities greatly enhances the Sunday school experience.

All children are unique and have different interests and talents.

Using a variety of activities will tap into their specific gifts.

Here are some examples of choices for the Parable of the Lost Coin, which is found in our Salvation month. 

Option A (for hands on learners that are logical, mathematical, and linguistic): Lost coin crossword puzzle and maze

Option B (for kinesthetic, drama, music, and dance learners): Hunt for lost coins 

Option C (for spatial, arts and crafts learners): Lost coin self portrait using pennies 

Having multiple choices of activities also enables teachers to have extra materials and activities on hand to keep kids engaged. 

Finally, teachers have a choice of activities to fit their specific teaching style. 

Providing options is a key ingredient to a fun and successful Sunday experience.