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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


One of the most important jobs of any Sunday school leader is to develop a God centered relationship with their students.

This relationship models the love of God and his grace in their lives.

Here are some tips to build this very important relationship.

  1. Deliberately talk to your students every Sunday.
  2. Ask them questions about their life and how they are feeling.
  3. Talk to the parents of your children and tell them how much you appreciate their child.
  4. Compliment each child every week.
  5. Tell each child that God loves them each week.
  6. Always say goodbye at the end of the day and tell them that you are looking forward to seeing them next week.
  7. Do activities with your students. Whenever possible, actually do the crafts, games, and fun stuff of Sunday school with your kids.
  8. Tell your students that you like spending time with them.
  9. Learn to read the moods of your students and adjust your day accordingly.
  10. Make eye contact and kneel down to the kids level.