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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


Early Foundations and KidsFaith curriculum follow a specific scope and sequence based on twelve topics of the Christian faith.

The five year program begins in preschool (P) and continues through four years of elementary grades (A,B,C,D.)

The program uses Bible stories and Christian Doctrine to teach the Christian faith.

At the end of the five year cycle, children will understand the nature of God, the Salvation of Jesus Christ, the structure of the Christian church and their role within their religion.

It is a comprehensive program developed to create a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ in each individual child.


P: God made everything

A: God made everything in six days; it was good.

B: God made you

C: God’s creation is perfect

D: God’s creation is complex 



P: Jesus loves us.

A: Jesus is real and Jesus is God

B: Jesus wants a relationship with us

C: The Trinity

D: Nature of God



P: Faith is believing in what you cannot see

A: Faith means to trust God completely

B: Faith is believing that God has a plan for your life

C: Faith vs. Works

D: Having faith in a faithless world 



P: Jesus died to give us salvation

A: God pursues us to give us salvation

B: Grace based Salvation

C: Salvation is a choice

D: Why we need Salvation 


Love One Another

P: We are supposed to love others

A: We love others is because Jesus first loved us

B: Love is from God; it can come in any size.

C: What is love?

D: Loving everyone including those we don’t like


Tell Others About Jesus

P: We have a job to do: to tell others about Jesus

A: God wants us to tell others about Jesus

B: Missionaries

C: Missionaries

D: Missionaries


The Bible

P:  God gave us the Bible

A: The Bible was inspired by God

B: The Bible is infallible

C: The Bible as history/prophesy

D: How to use the Bible in our lives


Sin and Forgiveness

P: What is sin and forgiveness?

A: Sin separates us from God, so we need to ask for his forgiveness for sin.

B: Forgiveness is critical to forming a relationship with God

C: God erases sin, but not the consequences

D: Temptation, trials, and forgiveness in a fallen world


The Church

P: Why we go to church

A: God designed the church for his purposes

B: Church history: Early church- Great Awakening

C: Church history: Paul, Wesley, Knox, Luther

D: Church history: Acts, Worldwide Spread, Modern



P: How to pray, why we pray

A: We pray to the one true God; we should only pray to him

B: God listens when we pray

D: God answers our prayers

D: The power of prayer



P: The birth of Jesus

A: Christmas is the about the birth of Jesus

B: Christmas outside of ourselves

C: Christmas through the prophetic scripture

D: Our Christmas vs. The World’s Christmas



P: The meaning of Easter

A: Easter is a celebration of Jesus’ love for us through his death and resurrection

B: The elements of Easter examined

C: How Easter changed the world

D: How we know the resurrection is real