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Families Together Small Group Study

Small Group Studies for the Entire Family: Free

What is it: Families Together is a collection of small group studies for the entire family to use and enjoy together.

How it worksFamilies Together is a twist on small group studies because it addresses the entire family. The whole family listens to a Bible passage, holds a family discussion about questions raised from the passage, and then completes a task, craft, or game to reinforce what was learned.

  •  1-5 families gather on a regular basis to study God’s word, answer questions, and accomplish fun, child centered activities to learn more about God’s plan for their lives. 

  • A group leader easily leads the families through the process of learning God’s word and truth together.

  • Lessons are derived directly from the Standard NIV Bible.

  • Questions for family discussion are child centered and relevant.

  • Activities are fun and easily adaptable to all ages.

The benefits: The Families Together program has significant and noticeable rewards: 

  • Parents are able to guide children through their spiritual journey.

  •  Children look to their parents for spiritual leadership.

  • Parents can mold the morality and values through regular, spiritual conversations.

  •  The family is strengthened through a common spiritual knowledge base.

  • The bonds between children and parents increase with the time spent and activities performed together.

  • A sense of pride and ownership in the family unit develops.

  • Parents gain further understanding of their children’s needs.

  • Multiple families can meet regularly to support one another and develop Christian relationships.

Current Studies Available:


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