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What People are Saying About Foundations Curriculum


Twelve Topics of the Curriculum

KidsFaith/Foundations focuses on 12 Topics that comprise the basic tenants of the Christian Faith.  These topics can be taught in a specific recommended order, or they can be adjusted to accommodate existing church programs.

The Topics are as follows:

Prayer: Communicating and establishing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ: Restoration.

Jesus Loves Me: The extent of God’s love for man: Redemption.

Love One Another: God’s command to us on how to treat others: Restoration.

The Meaning of Easter: The Crucifixion of Christ, and his resurrection, establishing a new covenant with man: Redemption.

Tell Others About Jesus: The Great Commission set forth by Jesus for us all: Restoration.

The Bible: God's gift to us.  Why we have the Bible and what is in it.   Restoration.

Creation: There is one God, who created everything, and is omnipresent in our lives: Creation.

Sin and Forgiveness: Brought about by a fallen nature, this separates us from God: Fall. Jesus Christ died for us on the cross to forgive us of our sins, therefore we must acknowledge this forgiveness and forgive others: Redemption.

The Church: What is the Church?  What is the difference between buildings we go to and and the body of Christ?  God calls us to gather together and love, support each other and worship Him.  This month explores God's calling us to gather together in His name.  Restoration

Salvation:  What do we need to do to receive salvation?  This month covers the steps to accepting Jesus as our personal savior.  Redemption

Christmas: God gift to us, Jesus' birth.  God sent his son for us in the season of Christmas: Creation, Restoration, Redemption.

Faith:  Children explore the various aspects of faith.  What is looks like, how others have followed and believed in the promises of God.  Restoration